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You Are Not Immune

Small- and mid-sized companies are particularly vulnerable to password attacks, malware, phishing, and ransomware. As concerning as this is, most SMBs are not prepared for - or adequately protected from - these threats.

With cyber security risks continuing to intensify, a proactive strategy is a must. Now is the time to maximize your data protection - to safeguard the present and future business of your organization.

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Stop Cyber Threats in Their Tracks

Before a cyber threat becomes an attack, before your data is breached, contact R2 for help. We can close gaps in your protection in the following ways:

  • Vulnerability Assessments. Let R2 examine your code and systems for flaws that could leave your data exposed to risk.
  • Penetration Tests. R2's cyber security experts attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in your systems to quantify the dangers of any flaws.
  • Two-Factor Authentication. We bolster your security with two-step authentication, as a password alone doesn't always provide the protection you need.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention. Intruders, signs of social engineering, and threats from malware and other uninvited guests are identified, detected, and removed.
  • Threat Defense. Best-in-class cyber security threat detection tools and technologies are used to mitigate cyber risks.
Stop Cyber Threats in Their Tracks